LVP1997 Single Game Records

(As of 02/13/2024 18:27:29)

As generated by XtraStats for FHL.
by Wynn Fenwick and Fred Hurtubise


Goals               4, Keith Tkachuk (Panthers), LVP1997924.html,
                       Mark Recchi (Flyers), LVP1997737.html,
                       Mark Messier (Flames), LVP1997583.html,
                       Keith Tkachuk (Panthers), LVP1997569.html,
                       Gary Leeman (Islanders), LVP1997367.html,
                       Pierre Turgeon (Rangers), LVP1997235.html
Assists             5, Garry Valk (Penguins), LVP1997906.html,
                       Darrin Shannon (Blackhawks), LVP1997599.html,
                       Mario Lemieux (Flames), LVP1997583.html,
                       Mark Osbourne (Blackhawks), LVP1997121.html,
                       Pierre Turgeon (Rangers), LVP199748.html,
                       Jaromir Jagr (Jets), LVP19976.html
Points              7, Kevin Stevens (Rangers), LVP1997952.html,
                       Pat Lafontaine (Rangers), LVP1997952.html,
                       Scott Arniel (Penguins), LVP1997239.html
+/-                 8, Jordan Eberle (Rangers), LVP1997952.html,
                       Pat Lafontaine (Rangers), LVP1997952.html
PIM                31, Stu Grimson (Ducks), LVP1997528.html,
                       Tom Martin (Sabres), LVP1997421.html,
                       Kris King (RedWings), LVP1997108.html
Shots              12, Mario Lemieux (Flames), LVP1997709.html
Hits               13, Al Iafrate (Nordiques), LVP1997697.html,
                       Gary Nylund (Canucks), LVP199775.html
Ice Time           36, Wendel Clark (Ducks), LVP1997959.html,
                       Wendel Clark (Ducks), LVP1997939.html,
                       Derian Hatcher (Kings), LVP1997812.html


Saves              44, Kay Whitmore (Penguins), LVP1997764.html, 44 saves on 47 shots (.936)
Shots faced        48, Kay Whitmore (Penguins), LVP1997664.html, 43 saves on 48 shots (.895)
Lowest Save %    .500, Ron Tugnutt (Whalers), LVP1997661.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500),
                       Nikolai Khabibulin (Panthers), LVP1997239.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500)


Goals              14, Flames, LVP1997637.html
Assists            28, Flames, LVP1997637.html
Points             42, Flames, LVP1997637.html
PIM               128, Whalers, LVP1997677.html
Shots              48, Jets, LVP1997664.html
Hits               53, Whalers, LVP1997797.html


Goals              19, Sharks - Flames, LVP1997637.html
Assists            38, Sharks - Flames, LVP1997637.html
Points             57, Sharks - Flames, LVP1997637.html
PIM               245, Whalers - Canucks, LVP1997677.html
Shots              78, Rangers - Bruins, LVP1997772.html
Hits               90, Whalers - Canadiens, LVP1997797.html