LVP1995 Single Game Records

(As of 03/24/2023 19:06:11)

As generated by XtraStats for FHL.
by Wynn Fenwick and Fred Hurtubise


Goals               5, Wayne Gretzky (Bruins), LVP1995195.html
Assists             6, Brian Leetch (Flames), LVP1995220.html
Points              7, Adam Graves (Sharks), LVP1995431.html,
                       Jordan Eberle (Flames), LVP1995251.html,
                       Brian Leetch (Flames), LVP1995220.html
+/-                 7, Alexei Gusarov (Flames), LVP1995220.html,
                       Dave Andreychuk (Flames), LVP1995220.html,
                       Mario Lemieux (Flames), LVP1995180.html,
                       Luc Robitaille (Flames), LVP1995180.html
PIM                29, Marty McSorley (Canucks), LVP1995389.html,
                       Alan May (Panthers), LVP1995230.html,
                       Mike Allison (NorthStars), LVP1995154.html
Shots              10, Murray Craven (Capitals), LVP1995306.html,
                       Jordan Eberle (Flames), LVP1995251.html,
                       Igor Larionov (Devils), LVP1995189.html,
                       Teemu Selanne (Flyers), LVP1995100.html
Hits               13, Al MacInnis (Bruins), LVP1995281.html
Ice Time           34, Viacheslav Fetisov (Sharks), LVP1995352.html,
                       Moe Mantha (Whalers), LVP1995225.html,
                       Al MacInnis (Bruins), LVP1995186.html,
                       Lyle Odelein (Whalers), LVP1995120.html,
                       Bob McGill (Ducks), LVP1995120.html


Saves              40, Bill Ranford (Capitals), LVP1995415.html, 40 saves on 44 shots (.909)
Shots faced        44, Bill Ranford (Capitals), LVP1995415.html, 40 saves on 44 shots (.909)
Lowest Save %    .500, Ron Tugnutt (Whalers), LVP1995477.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500),
                       Pat Riggin (RedWings), LVP1995324.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500),
                       Pokey Reddick (Panthers), LVP1995143.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500),
                       Jeff Reese (Canucks), LVP199541.html, 5 saves on 10 shots (.500)


Goals              12, Sharks, LVP1995431.html
Assists            23, Sharks, LVP1995431.html
Points             35, Sharks, LVP1995431.html
PIM               213, Canucks, LVP199530.html
Shots              49, Canadiens, LVP1995234.html
Hits               50, Whalers, LVP199537.html


Goals              16, Flyers - Devils, LVP1995124.html
Assists            30, Bruins - Oilers, LVP1995281.html,
                       Flyers - Devils, LVP1995124.html
Points             46, Flyers - Devils, LVP1995124.html
PIM               395, Canucks - Ducks, LVP199530.html
Shots              77, Canadiens - Whalers, LVP1995234.html
Hits               85, Whalers - Sabres, LVP199537.html