(As of mardi, oct 27 2020)

Blues place Dean Kennedy on waivers

Blues place Leo Komarov on waivers

Canadiens place Gerard Gallant on waivers

Canadiens place David Shaw on waivers

Canucks place Dave Poulin on waivers

Canucks place Aaron Broten on waivers

Capitals place Jake Gardiner on waivers

Capitals place Tony Tanti on waivers

Capitals place Mike Mcphee on waivers

Capitals place Cam Atkinson on waivers

Flyers place Ron Sutter on waivers

Islanders place Ric Nattress on waivers

Jets promote Matt Halischuk to pro roster

Kings place Gord Donnelly on waivers

Nordiques place Claude Loiselle on waivers

Nordiques place Paul Marshall on waivers

NorthStars place Steve Kasper on waivers

NorthStars place Adam Henrique on waivers

NorthStars place Hakan Loob on waivers

NorthStars place Mikael Backlund on waivers

Oilers place Bob Sweeney on waivers

Oilers place Ray Allison on waivers

Oilers place Matt Calvert on waivers

Oilers place Dave Tippett on waivers

RedWings place Jim Fox on waivers

RedWings place Gino Cavallini on waivers

RedWings promote Darroll Powe to pro roster

Sabres place Normand Rochefort on waivers

Sabres place Viktor Stalberg on waivers

Sharks place Greg Paslawski on waivers

Panthers place Michael Garnett on waivers

Flames place Mikko Leinonen on waivers

Flames place Rick Zombo on waivers

Flames place Nick Tarnasky on waivers

Eric Tangradi (NYR) suffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day

Dave Hannan (NYR) suffers broken nose, sidelined day-to-day

Claude Lemieux (FLO) returns from injury

Mike Ridley (FLO) suffers foot injury, sidelined day-to-day

Adam Pardy (MTL) returns from injury

Maxim Lapierre (MTL) suffers concussion, sidelined day-to-day

Mario Gosselin (MTL) returns from injury

Guy Carbonneau (HTD) returns from injury

Dion Phaneuf (TOR) suffers wrist injury, sidelined day-to-day

Rich Sutter (LA) suffers broken toe, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Theo Peckham (LA) suffers groin injury, sidelined day-to-day

Larry Melnyk (LA) suffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day

Claude Giroux (STL) returns from injury

Randy Gregg (DET) returns from injury

Dave Jensen (FLO) returns from injury

Canadiens place Michel Petit on waivers

Canadiens place Eric Gryba on waivers

Canadiens assign Jeff Reese to minors

Canadiens promote Doug Smith to pro roster

Islanders place Dwight King on waivers

Islanders place Patrick Flatley on waivers

Islanders place Sam Gagner on waivers

Jets place Tim Kennedy on waivers

Jets place Ben Lovejoy on waivers

Jets place Matt Halischuk on waivers

Jets place Andrei Kostitsyn on waivers

Kings promote Bob Rouse, Gord Donnelly to pro roster

Rangers place John Blum on waivers

Rangers promote Dan Bourbonnais to pro roster

RedWings place Neil Sheehy on waivers

RedWings promote Pascal Leclaire to pro roster

Sharks place Kelly Miller on waivers

Sharks place Randy Wood on waivers

Sharks place Mike Eagles on waivers

Nick Foligno (WAS) suffers facial injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Ed Hospodar (NJ) returns from injury

Mike Cammaleri (WIN) suffers elbow injury, sidelined day-to-day

Jeff Schultz (VAN) suffers broken nose, sidelined day-to-day

Patrice Bergeron (TOR) returns from injury

Jordan Staal (PHI) suffers concussion, sidelined indefinitely

Cody McLeod (MTL) returns from injury

Blues place Carey Wilson on waivers

Canadiens assign Vincent Damphousse to minors

Capitals promote Mike Mcphee to pro roster

Rangers place Dan Bourbonnais on waivers

Panthers promote Doug Shedden to pro roster

Lauri Korpikoski (STL) returns from injury

Lennart Petrell (FLO) suffers broken toe, sidelined day-to-day

Kyle Quincey (FLO) suffers bruised elbow, sidelined day-to-day

Christian Ehrhoff (MIN) suffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day

Bruce Driver (CHI) suffers foot injury, sidelined day-to-day

Maxim Lapierre (MTL) returns from injury

Patrick Sundstrom (NJ) suffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day

Mike Green (TOR) suffers elbow injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Jordan Eberle (TOR) suffers bruised shoulder, sidelined day-to-day

Jiri Hrdina (EDM) suffers bruised heel, sidelined day-to-day

Dave Hannan (NYR) returns from injury

Ryan Reaves (NJ) returns from injury

Eric Tangradi (NYR) returns from injury

Torrie Robertson (NYR) returns from injury

Canadiens place Doug Smith on waivers

Rangers place Eric Tangradi on waivers

RedWings place Pascal Leclaire on waivers

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (DET) returns from injury

Fabian Brunnstrom (DET) suffers hip injury, sidelined day-to-day

Adam Pardy (MTL) suffers thigh injury, sidelined day-to-day

Bill Ranford (FLO) suffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day

Mike Ridley (FLO) returns from injury

Carl Gunnarsson (WAS) suffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day

Al Montoya (LA) suffers back injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Frank Nigro (TOR) suffers separated shoulder, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Ryan Suter (PIT) suffers abdominal strain, sidelined 1-2 weeks

Dion Phaneuf (TOR) returns from injury